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About Exercise Science Guide

When it comes to choosing a career, it can be really difficult finding the right one – especially if you aren’t aware of all your options. You may find yourself interested in both fitness-related and clinical work, but unsure of what direction to take. Perhaps you are athletically inclined and would like to get into sports medicine. Maybe you’re looking to advance within the fitness field or change gears and transition into a medical profession. Wherever you’re coming from, Exercise Science Guide can help you learn more about careers in both healthcare and fitness. Use this website to help research and discover the right career path for YOU.

About Chris Collora, M.S. | Founder of Exercise Science Guide


Chris Collora started Exercise Science Guide in 2012 to help prospective and current students learn more about career options in healthcare and fitness. He holds bachelor and master of science degrees in exercise physiology (with clinical concentration) and biophysics, and is currently working towards medical school. His past job roles include working as an exercise physiologist (with ACSM HFI and NSCA CSCS certifications), health writer for LIVESTRONG.com, and cardiac rehabilitation specialist at major metropolitan hospitals. As a student, I firmly believe mentorship is a crucial aspect of career planning and development. Not seeking career guidance can be costly in many ways, leading to missed opportunities and not realizing your full potential. This website serves as a guide to help students make informed decisions about their future.

Contact Chris via email at: chris.collora@exercise-science-guide.com.